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Storylandia 2 is now on sale

10% off with this code: P5ZCS69C at this online store

“Poetry and Red Phosphorus” by Kellie R. England, “Assassin” by Adam Bourke, “Escaping the Apoidians Hivault” by Christopher Husmann, “Kiva” by Cinsearae S., and “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” by Mylochka. Cover: “Leaf” by Tom Good

Review copies and book club discounts available upon request. Please use the form below to contact Wapshott about either. Or use the form below to leave a message about Storylandia 2.

There might be more information, like reviews and news, at the Storylandia 2 page.

The Wizard’s Son for ePub Readers (iPad, Sony, etc.)

The Wizard’s Son in ePub format, which works on iPads, Sony Readers, Nooks and whatever else ePub works on. ePub for Sony Readers, Barnes and Noble Nook and the ubiquitous iPad at I think this format works in more than the three machines above, but I’m not 100% sure. Here’s a helpful Wikipedia entry on what platforms and hardware it works on.

And just so you Kindle folks don’t feel left out, The Wizard’s Son is also available in Kindle format.

Full disclosure: I’m biased toward our print books because I think our cover designers top themselves with every book and these books are not only a joy to read, but a joy to look at, flash around, and hold in your own dear hands while reading. Yes, I’m funny that way. But I also live in the 21st century, which has technologies that allow me to publish books on a small scale, and so I feel inclined to give eBooks a nod, even if I don’t like reading them myself. Here ends the sermon. Please enjoy our Wapshott Press eBooks.

The Lady Actress reviewed at Amazon

The Lady Actress review by D. McFarland.

Storylandia 1 review and Call for Fiction for Storylandia 2

New review: Storylandia 1, Dragon Views, A Dragon’s-eye View of the Literary World

Call for Fiction: Any genre, up to 10,000 words. More information

5 Star Review at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for “Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job”

“I was enthralled by this book. After hitting the bottom of the first page I never looked back. I was pulled into the world of Dr. Hackenbush and her endeavors to deal with life on her own terms. Forced by the untimely death of the transmission of her Karmann-Ghia and the destruction of her baritone ukulele to return to the world of industry, she takes a job with a temporary agency. Complications ensue.”
More of this review at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


Storylandia 1 review and Call for Submissions

Storylandia 1 got a nice review from Nessus at

Call for fiction in any genre up to 10,000 words. Please contact me via this form if you have any questions. Submissions should be formatted according to these guidelines. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job in Spalsh Magazine

Mother’s Day Entertainment Gifts – Guide for 2010, Splash Magazine, April 21, 2010

“Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job” is there, near the bottom of the page, but definitely there. Yay!

Ginger Mayerson interview at Reading Rocks

Why should the world read your book?
Because it’s witty, thinky, and so cool the world will get frostbite just reading it.
Interview with Ginger Mayerson, by Elise, April 21, 2010

Dad of Divas reviews “Dr. Hackenbush Get’s a Job”

Book review – Dr. Hackenbush Get’s a Job, Dad of Divas, April 19, 2010

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job sample Serialization, part 3 of 6

More “Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job” sample Serialization, part 3 of 6 and a mini review on

The Wizard’s Son now on Kindle

Yes, Kindle fans, The Wizard’s Son on Kindle, just for you.

New “The Wizard’s Son” review

February 18, 2010: The Wizard’s Son Amazon Review

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job

Welcome to the next Wapshott Press book:

click for a larger version (being able to read the back cover is totally worth it)

The book won’t be officially on sale until March 3, but you can get it now in various formats including a free pdf, if you are so inclined. Enjoy!

J Bloglandia 2:2 now on sale

Special price: $4.50 until December 1, 2009 when it will be $7.50, for the 6×9″ version. 10% discount code: 7KH2YPLY

Cover by Raul De la Sota
Essays by Chris Floyd, Lyn Jensen, Steve Gimbel,
Josh Finnell, Paul Rodriguez, Chad Denton, Phila

Storylandia 1 now on sale

10% off with this code P4QUBBXL if you buy it here and eligible for Free Shipping at Amazon.

Storylandia 1
Kittycat Riley’s Last Stand, by Kelly S. Taylor; Not Quite a Prince, by Kathryn L. Ramage; More Minimalist Fiction, by Lene Taylor; Road Kill, by Lee Balan; Sunday Mornings, by Colleen Wylie; I, by Chad Denton; Practice, by Anne Valente; Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow, by Kitty Johnson
Cover: “Nacreous” by Hailaeos Troy,
10% off code: P4QUBBXL

New “The Pajama Boy” review

The Pajama Boy review at The Gay Blade. One small correction: The Pajama Boy was serialized online (see sidebar) after it was published as a book. But, yay! A review! The reviews and press page (see sidebar, everything is on the sidebar) is updated.

The next book

The Wizard’s Son
by Kathryn L. Ramage

coming soon

From the back cover:

“‘His first vivid, visual impression was of Redmantyl standing over him in the morning sunlight, so tall and red and bright that the wizard had been burned into Orlan’s memory. Indeed, Orlan marked his life from that moment, when all the light and strength and wondrous magic of the world had stepped into his childish awareness. He believed he had known he belonged to that man, even before he knew who Lord Redmantyl was. Before that, there was nothing.

“‘That summer, he began to test the unyielding barrier which kept him from his childhood—his father’s spell, placed upon him years ago. Until now, he had accepted it: who would wish to look back on dirt and poverty and misery when he lived in an ivory castle of magic? Orlan had not tried to remember, but his visit to Storm Port made him attempt to recall a past which had been kept from him. He wanted to know about his mother and the life he had known with her at Lammouthe. Could the spell be broken? He was a magician of some skill himself. Surely he could undo this. He must know: what had he been before his father had brought him to Wizardes Cliff?’

“Orlan Lightesblood is the son of the world’s most powerful wizard and is training to become a wizard himself. But beyond his father’s castle, he is still an innocent youth, defenseless against the evil and temptations that threaten the future laid out for him. On an alternate earth filled with wonder and danger, the wizard’s son must overcome the demons of his own past and his father’s enemies to survive to manhood.”

TTAOS review

The Tagger and Other Stories review at Rainbow Reviews.

New review of The Pajama Boy

The Pajama Boy review at Rainbow Reviews.

Also see Reviews and Press on the sidebar for other reviews.

The Pajama Boy

New Books at Wapshott

10% off code: ZMUUFLZV

10% off code: 7QQKQWVY

But, for busy people, here’re links:

The life and times of Anna Cora Mowatt: “Fashioned Lady, Recovering the Lost Legacy of a Victorian American Superstar.” By Kelly S. Taylor, Ph.D.
Edgar Allan Poe, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were among her fanboys, but too few people know about their idol. The Wapshott Press is honored to present the life and times of the fabulous Anna Cora Mowatt to her well deserved, and long overdue, larger audience. More information and a pdf of Chapter 1.

The Tagger and Other Stories,” edited by Ginger Mayerson (but I only wrote the first and last stories):
40% off pre-sale to stimulate the economy and whatever else there is to stimulate [heh]. Act now! Sale ends April 10. “The Tagger” by Ginger Mayerson; “Across the Universe,” by Laura Dearlove; “Atlantis” by Kitty Johnson; “Impossible Love” by Kathryn L. Ramage; “The Unsent Letter” by Chad Denton; “Finding Courage” by Gail Marlowe; “Fast Forward” by Logan; “Extraordinary” by Emily-Jane MacKenzie; “I’m Not Your Boyfriend” by Lene Taylor; “When George MacFadden was Eaten by a Dragon by Colleen Wylie; “You Know You Should be a Better Person (But You’re Not)” by Karmen Ghia; “Mick” and “Mark” by Molly Kiely. Authors and Excerpts (also see sidebar); “Finding Courage” Serialization; and “The Unsent Letter” mp3.

And if you really hate Amazon, drop me a line at editor AT wapshottpress DOT com and we’ll work something out. Eventually these books will be in wider distribution, but at full price.