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Sonnedragon Serialization, Part 63

Front pages: maps, illustrations, family trees, etc.


The room was not very comfortable, but it wasn’t a dungeon. Conde Luiz had placed her in what appeared to be empty quarters for a low-ranked officer in a lower level of the main tower. There was one narrow bed and a narrow window high on one wall. After sleeping in a tent for so many weeks, Mara found it adequate. A guard was placed outside the door. When she climbed up to stand on the bed and look out of the window, she found no means of escaping by that route; …read more

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Dark Shadows: End of the Leviathans

Jeb Hawkes

Jeb Hawkes wasn’t destroyed when Barnabas Collins set fire to the antique shop, but now that his special room is in ashes, he’s stuck in his current human form and can’t revert to his true, Heavy Breathing monster state.

Barnabas and Julia Hoffman finally sit down for a long talk. He tells her everything that’s been happening to him since he got drawn out of 1897 and into the 1790s via Josette’s painting, how the Leviathans got hold of him, and what they’ve been planning up until now.

I’m glad they’re friends again; it’s my favorite relationship in the show. …read more

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CD Review: At the Mountains of Madness

Fleurs de Lys newspaper ad

I’ve been meaning to go on with reviewing the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre dramas produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. I’ve had the boxed CD set for years, but time passed and other things got in the way… until I was doing a Matt Foyer-fest this past weekend and included A Shadow over Innsmouth; I realized it’d been awhile since I’d listened to any of the others, some of which Foyer also has smaller roles in.

At the Mountains of Madness is one of Lovecraft’s larger stories in length as well as scope. We’re no longer in the …read more

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Dark Shadows: Barnabas Battles the Leviathans

Jeb Hawkes

Carolyn Stoddard is devastated by her father’s bizarre murder. She’s the only person who mourns him at all. Even if her mother, Elizabeth, weren’t one of the Leviathan people, she wouldn’t care much if Paul Stoddard lived or died; she hadn’t seen him in 20 years. And Uncle Roger, who hasn’t a clue about the whole Leviathan business (or most of the supernatural events that have been going on around him lately), never liked him either and thinks Good Riddance! But they have a funeral at the family graveyard for form’s sake.

When the local police search the antiques shop at …read more

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Dark Shadows: The Werewolf Portrait

Tate's landscape. Constable has absolutely nothing to worry about

Since he returned to the 20th century, Barnabas Collins has been busy with his new Leviathan buddies and has no time in helping Chris the Werewolf find a cure. But Dr. Julia Hoffman hasn’t given up.

At the Todds’ antique shop, back before they became foster parents to the ultimate evil, Julia found a rather amateurish landscape painting by Charles Tate–the turn-of-the-century artist who painted Quentin’s Dorian-Gray-type portrait. She learns that Tate was painting as late as the 1950s and gets the idea that he might still be alive in 1970.

Julia already knows that the portrait kept Quentin …read more

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Dark Shadows: Little Antique Shop of Horrors

Barnabas appears at the temple

Or, more about the Leviathans.

When Barnabas returns to 1969 via the Hydra temple, he seems remarkable cold and unemotional. His friend Dr. Julia Hoffman, who has been worried about him for weeks, notices it right away, but he won’t tell her what happened or if he learned anything that would help cure Chris of his werewolfism. He’s no longer interested in helping Chris.

He tells her that he returned from the past the same way that he went there–by using the I Ching wands–but she knows he’s lying. She was in the house when he returned and knows that he didn’t …read more

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Sonnedragon Serialization, Part 61

Front pages: maps, illustrations, family trees, etc.


Even before she and Kat crossed the river and began the long moonlit ride southward to the encampment Sataumie had established as the base for her long-range scout patrols, Mara knew what they would find. Bertrande lay on his cot in the tent he shared with his elder brother, looking like a child asleep, but pale and still; there was no obvious wound on his body.

“Was he found in this same manner this morning?” she asked.

“Bertie was fine this morning, Aunt Mara,” Eduarde answered. Standing over his brother’s body, he was …read more

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Dark Shadows: Introducing the Leviathans

Kitty gets drawn into Josette's painting

A couple of years ago when I was watching the 200th or so episode of Dark Shadows, I noted that there were 26 Collections of the show on DVD and said that I doubted I’d continue watching for as long as that. I did originally intend to drop it after Barnabas Collins first showed up, then after Victoria Winters left, but there was always just enough to keep me interested in going on a little longer.

I’ve now gone as far as Collection 18, approaching 900 episodes, and the question is whether or not I’m going to see this show through …read more

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Dark Shadows: Leaving 1897

Barnabas sees himself staked in his coffin

The 1897 storyline has been going on for quite awhile, but most of the major plots are coming to some kind of resolution and questions are answered.

The big question at the moment is Who is the non-vampiric Barnabas Collins who showed up after Barnabas the Vampire was staked?

He said that he’d come from England and was kidnapped by the vampire, but this story is immediately suspect. He claims that he doesn’t know Kitty, Lady Hampshire, but he gets that obsessed-with-Josette look in his eyes whenever he sees her and he talks to her about his ancestor’s love for Josette.

Since …read more

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Sonnedragon Serialization, Part 60

Front pages: maps, illustrations, family trees, etc.

In the morning, they held a brief investigation. The sergeant had last been seen alive by his company at dusk, less than an hour before his body had been discovered. He had left the gathering around the campfire, presumably to relieve himself in the privacy offered by the trees. No one among the troops at the northern end of the camp reported hearing a scream or sounds of a struggle. It was assumed that the unfortunate man had been surprised by some sort of wild beast while in a vulnerable position and …read more

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Dark Shadows: Kitty

Kitty tries on Josette's dress

Back before Quentin switched bodies with Count Petofi, a new subplot began to develop concerning a visitor to Collinwood–Kitty, Lady Hampshire, recent widow of Edward Collins’s old friend, the Earl of Hampshire. She showed up at Collinwood ostensibly on her way back from England to her mother’s home in Pennsylvania. In spite of the title, she’s an American.

Her ultimate aim, however, is to obtain a new husband. Edward is a recent widower himself, and Kitty is under the impression that he’s master of Collinwood. He isn’t; the property actually belongs to his sister Judith. And Edward, who only has a …read more

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Dark Shadows: Switched!

Edward is skeptical

When Charity Trask tells Edward and Quentin Collins that she’s killed their vampire cousin Barnabas, they don’t believe her at first. The poor girl is, after all, crazy. Then they all go to the formerly secret place where Barnabas kept his coffin to see for themselves.

Yep. There’s Barnabas with a stake sticking up out of his chest. Edward orders both the coffin and the sea-cave where it’s placed sealed up.

Meanwhile, Count Petofi continues his insidious plans for traveling into the future. Chatting with Quentin, he asks the younger man if he would like a new life. Quentin says sure, …read more

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Dark Shadows: Time Travel Tricks

Dr. Hoffman in a boobytrap with a gun

Our last cliffhanging episode saw Dr. Julia Hoffman, who has gone back in time to join Barnabas in 1897, tied to a chair with a gun pointed at her, rigged to shoot her when the door to the room is opened. Since Barnabas is coming to rescue her, Count Petofi, who put her there, gleefully assumed that her vampire friend will be the one to open the door and kill her.

Barnabas does open the door, and the gun goes off–but Julia isn’t harmed, for reasons that are very interesting.

It appears that the bullet passes through her and shatters the …read more

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Sonnedragon Serialization, Part 57

Front pages: maps, illustrations, family trees, etc.

A portrait of the Redlyon, painted early in his reign, hung in the gallery of the Manor next to a similarly larger-than-life-size portrait of his consort, Duke Diana. Mara and Peter left the packet in Ren’s care and left her chambers to go down the stair to the gallery to examine it closely. Though Mara had walked beneath this painting nearly every day of her life, she’d never given it more than a glance.

Peter was the first to find it. “There it is, Prince Mara! Look!”

Mara stood close beneath the painting’s frame …read more

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Dark Shadows: Putting Right What Once Went Wrong

Dr. Hoffman in a boobytrap with a gun

Now that she’s got the information about how Quentin Collins died, Dr. Julia Hoffman goes back in time to 1897 herself to tell Barnabas so he can stop it from happening.

Julia, however, experiences some kind of traumatic event after she goes into her I Ching time-travel trance and passes through four metaphorical doors. When she arrives at late-Victorian Collinwood, she collapses at the front door and doesn’t seem to know who she is.

Edward Collins finds her and brings her into the house. He is baffled by her short hair and short skirt (although her skirt isn’t as short as …read more

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Sonnedragon Serialization, Part 56

Front pages: maps, illustrations, family trees, etc.

She left Hartshall, walking swiftly toward the Manor to find her cousin and Bel and tell them her good news. Rafenshighte raced to catch up with her.

“I must say you surprised me today, Prince Mara,” he said once he’d gained her side and matched her pace. “I thought you would be pleased to become Regent, otherwise I wouldn’t have voted as I did. Well, I daresay you know best about obtaining your own ends, but it delays some other important matters. We’ll have to wait to make any personal announcements. I’d …read more

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Dark Shadows: How Quentin Died

A bottle of poison

Barnabas Collins has been playing with an I Ching kit again in order to return to the 1960s and find out the circumstances of Quentin’s murder now that he knows the exact date of the event–September 10, 1897–but not who did it.

Unfortunately for Barnabas, Count Petofi has gotten on Edward Collins’s good side by promising to help him get Barnabas. In spite of the spells cast against him and his son, Edward still considers the family vampire to be his greatest enemy; I think he believes that Barnabas is responsible for that on top of everything else.

The Count even …read more

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Storylandia 17: Collected Stories, by Arthur Davis

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Sample pages

Where to buy: 10% discount code: HDCYF4CR at this online store; eligible for Free Shipping at Amazon; and Kindle.

Collected Stories

By Arthur Davis

Storylandia 17 features eight tales of dark fantasy, horror and the surreal by American writer Arthur Davis. “The Man From Lahr” is a tale of magical realism as a New York psychiatrist is visited after-hours in his office by a mysterious stranger who has …read more

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Dark Shadows: More Count Petofi

Barnabas trapped in his coffin

Now that the Count has his severed hand back and reattached (although it still looks nasty), he looks to the future–by that, I mean that he wants Barnabas Collins to take him to the 1960s when Barnabas himself returns to that time.

“The music, paintings, beautiful people of 1969,” the Count muses. “What will they be like?”

But Barnabas has to refuse, since he doesn’t actually know how to do that; the Count shuts him up in a coffin and pins him down with a crucifix on his chest.

Count Petofi then brings in Quentin to talk to Barnabas. Quentin is …read more

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Dark Shadows: Count Petofi

The Count's other hand

After his artificial hand is accidentally yanked off during a fight, the mysterious stranger known as Victor Fenn-Gibbon first denies that he is in fact Count Petofi. But as he speaks of the powerful warlock’s history–how the Count gave up his hand to the gypsies to be cured of being a werewolf, and how sad he was when he killed his pet unicorn during one of his wolfy nights–he only convinces his audience that he’s speaking from personal experience. He admits the truth.

Why does he want his icky severed hand back, apart from its mercurial powers? He’s been …read more

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