Emily-Jean MacKenzie


By Emily-Jean MacKenzie

Ryan remembered his first sexual experience with a man as though it were yesterday. It was clichéd as hell, taking place in the bathroom of a gay club with Diana Ross as the soundtrack. He was twenty years old. He didn’t even get the name of the guy he was with, but he was significantly older. They’d ground together on the dance floor, sharing open-mouthed kisses and not-so-covert gropes before dragging one another off to the relative privacy of a restroom stall.

He sucked the guy’s cock a little, and the guy sucked his, before Ryan watched him lean over against the wall, offering himself. Ryan didn’t refuse. A little lube, a condom, and Ryan didn’t feel like such a virgin anymore. He’d fucked girls before, of course, but that had never seemed to count in his mind. It was just too ordinary.

~~~~~~~end of excerpt~~~~~~~

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