No Song Lyrics Policy

“Because by nature songs are relatively short, there is no “Fair Use” amount of song lyrics that can be used. I read about an author who wanted to quote from Aretha Franklin’s song, “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” but was turned down by the music administrator, so he only used one line, “Sock it to me.” He was sued and lost, and the penalty was substantial.”
Intellectual Property and Its Uses, by Lori L. Lake

This is why we can never have song lyrics in Wapshott Press titles. And even if the administrator is willing to grant permission, there’s usually a huge licensing fee. We are a very small shop here at Wapshott, we are unable to afford such costs. Sorry. Now, making up song lyrics is perfectly okay.

If anyone has links to more about this kind of thing, please put them in the comments. I had a better link, but it went away with Bloglines, RIP.

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