Erotique (ISSN 1947-5330)

As of the July 2014 issue, Erotique will be a single author journal. Yes. Please send us either novellas between 20-50K words or a collection of stories that add up to between 20-50K. Thanks. And please enjoy the final multi-author issue in January 2014. See below on how to send in your fiction.

Call for short stories, novellas, and novelettes. (See below for issues.)

Seeking quality erotica (or just smut Mayerson likes).

Please email your story as a word or text document or in the body of an email to You can use one of these templates: MS Word, RTF, or Text.

I’ll read stories of any length. Longer stories, novellas and novels will be serialized over several issues. I’ll publish whenever I have a good issue to publish.

Erotica can be hetro, homo, object, masturbation, or something I don’t know about. I really don’t like stories centered on rape, coercion, BDSM, mutilation, snuff, well, you get the picture. I like to publish evocative sex, cuddle porn, and good, reasonably clean fun between consenting (human or humanoid) adults. I like well-written stories, of course, and a little sex with good plot and characters goes a long way with me. If it’s very little sex, I might ask to transfer your story to Storylandia, our sister publication.

At the moment, I’m the only editor, so here’s what I would not like to have submitted and won’t publish:

Anything that will get me sued, arrested, or lynched. I’m pretty sure you realize that that means anything illegal, plagiarized, hateful, or scarier than even I can deal with. Also, song titles are okay, but no song lyrics. The RIAA has gone insane, better to stay out of their way at all times. As editor, I handle the blowback, so I make the final call on what I feel I can legally, morally, and have the guts to, publish. Oh, and no furries, thank you. I’m sure you understand.

There’s no money, but you do get a copy of the issue and discounted extra copies. You also keep all your rights to your work. I only have permission to publish on a story by story basis.

I look forward to reading your stories. Send ’em on in!

Ginger Mayerson
Editor, Erotique, The Wapshott Journal of Erotica

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