Sonnedragon excerpt: Sataumie’s vision

Mara and her shieldmaids are gathered around a campfire, talking about the visions of legendary heroes…

“Eduarde and Diane—” Alyx asked. “Did they have visions?”

“Of course,” Mara answered. “The Redlyon and the Hart.”

“But did they truly see their talisman-beasts? They aren’t visionary—rather, prosaic. Redlyon is an obvious battle-name for a red-haired prince, especially so for a Prince of Skots. Skotsland’s crest has been a lion on field gules for centuries. And the hart has been the crest of the Northlands for nearly as long.”

“Visions are a divine grant,” Mara insisted. “If they saw the …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


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